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Darcy Crosman, EdD

Editing and consultation Services


Working with students:

Doctoral Students in Clinical Psychology

"Highly recommend her for her speed, responsiveness, short turnarounds, cost effectiveness, clarity, collaborativeness, stress relieving practices and ability to comprehensively shuttle back and forth from high level to details to format minutiae at the speed of light, on short notice and no matter how underslept or disorganized I was."

"Thank you again. Working with you was comfortable, intelligent, and fun! I look forward to further collaborations."

"They just called me from investigation and told me my dissertation was perfect and to go and print it. They never do that on the first turn in. Thank YOU SO MUCH!" 

"I just want to thank you again, because my chair likes the paper, and he likes your work a lot. here's his comments: 'Excellent job! This is the best dissertation I have read so far. Your editor really did a good job for you. ' Again, thank you so much."

"I really really appreciate your professionalism and the timely manner in which you assisted me. :) If you want me to write a review for you please do let me know where. I will definitely be recommending you!"

"I got the email- signed off on it. No corrections no edits. Unbelievable- cried and cried and cried with tears of joy. Thank you thank you thank you. I appreciate your hard work."

"I feel like you should be at the top of the acknowledgments! You were invaluable to this paper. I've heard many struggles my peers experienced, but I did not, because of you. This project was completed sooner than I dreamed. Thank you, Darcy."

Help with Inferential Statistics and Editing

"I certainly have enjoyed this process!  You have provided me with more in these few weeks than my chair has in the year I've been working with him."

Master's Student in Environmental Design

"Thank you Darcy. Great work. I would have to say that you are one of the most experienced editors I have ever worked with. Thank you once again."

Jovanni Colisao

Master of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications

San Jose State University